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It’s a whole new year, and starting it on New Year’s Day (especially after the past two years) can be very stressful. Or, maybe you’re not the sentimental type, but want to make the most of your precious day off. Either way, you’ve come to the right place for some ideas. We’ve reflected on 20 fun (and mostly free) things to do on New Years Day alone, with friends, or with family. Whether you want to exercise outdoors, think about 2021 and plan for a year ahead, or relax and stay warm indoors, these activities will help you start 2022 on the right foot.


Take a nap

Yes, taking a nap is an activity, even if it requires very little maintenance. Bring out your new silk eye mask, a new set of sheets, and turn on that white noisemaker you had while on vacation for a pleasant midday nap after a long night of partying.

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Take advantage of the after-party sales

If you haven’t been to Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, or if you totally forgot to buy something, do some shopping after the sales. There will surely be a wait!

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Organize a gift exchange

Are you left with a few items that you don’t necessarily want to keep but want to use wisely? Arrange a gift exchange with friends to see if you can find a loving home for the item elsewhere.

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Start a 30 day challenge

Whether you are planning to participate in Dry January, Whole30, or want to set yourself another specific 30 day challenge, like a fitness routine, start the year strong with one of your goals already underway.

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Cheer on your favorite college football team

There are usually college football games every New Year’s Day, which means you can spend some time supporting your favorite team. and eat all the best game day snacks, of course.

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Purge your closet

If you’ve refreshed your wardrobe with a few new clothes over the holidays, maybe it’s time to give your old ones a new home. Browse all of your clothes and donate them to places like Goodwill or resell them for a little extra cash at places like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.

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Go to the cinema

When all you want to do is relax and sit back, consider getting comfortable on the sofa or going to the theater. Make it a day with a full movie marathon and prioritize all the Oscar nominees you want to see before awards season is in full swing.

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Define your intentions

Setting goals on January 1st might sound like a cliché, but it can really be a good time to sit down and check in with yourself. Whether you want to take the traditional approach to goal setting or just want to write freely, today is always a great excuse to reconnect with yourself. If you need a prompt, write down five things you want to leave in 2021 and five things you want to take with you in 2022.

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To ice skate

When you live in a cool place but still want to get out there and be active, ice skating is the perfect activity. If you’re lucky, the lines will be much shorter than they were before Christmas. Remember to bundle up.

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Hit an indoor mall

Shop around or take advantage of the extra day off by preparing and packing any returns you need to make after the holidays (you may want to check which stores or malls are open first, as the holidays can affect time) .

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Have a “me” day

Take care of yourself ! Spend the whole day doing things that will relax you and make you feel rejuvenated, whether it’s wearing a face mask and bathing in the tub, spending time with friends, or volunteering.

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Visit a museum

Visiting an art, history or science museum is a fun and rewarding activity, but it will also be time consuming, which is perfect if you are looking for something that will keep you and your family occupied. all day. Many museums will still be open on New Years Day, but be sure to check their websites before making the trip.

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Organize a brunch

Throw a festive brunch or throw a party at your favorite brunch spot if you don’t feel like entertaining and cooking for a group of people.

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Spend the day volunteering or working for a cause you care about, whether it’s participating in a beach clean-up or researching causes and organizations you want to get involved with during the summer. year to come.

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Hang out near a fire

If you have a fire pit, invite friends over for a barbecue in the dead of winter and snuggle up around the fire to keep warm. Or, if it’s just too cold to go outside, do the same around an indoor fireplace.

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Take a scenic walk

Whether you want to take a full hike or just wander around town, taking a long walk to a scenic spot in your area is a good way to clear your head.

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Learn a new skill or game

Learn a new game or skill, such as chess or solitaire. Once you know the rules and have studied some of the strategies, host a mini tournament.

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Get organized

For New Years Day, probably the least fun, but the most rewarding, consider cleaning the house and getting organized. Having a clean, clutter-free space is the best way to set the right tone for the year ahead.

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Play a Get to Know Yourself game

If you’re stuck inside and looking for something new to do with your partner, roommates, or family, play a “get to know you” game. We love the options from School of Life (The Confessions Game and The Dilemmas Game are a few of our favorites) or this one pictured from We’re Not Really Strangers.

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