Friday, August 5 2022

Once the sparkling wine has been drunk after the stroke of midnight, everyone hopes to have a memorable New Year. Even if you’re not superstitious, these things you should never do on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day is the time for new beginnings. Even if resolutions don’t start until the second or third day, this fresh start is something many people appreciate. It may just be turning the page on the calendar, but it’s a way to feel refreshed.

But, no one wants to start the new year in the hole. While these concepts may be old wives’ tales, the past two years have proven that no one should tempt fate. Even if you’ve stepped on a crack before, this year might be the time to take a few extra precautions.

Things you should never do on New Year’s Day

Skip the laundry

Have you ever noticed that Grandma and Mom don’t do a lot of chores on New Year’s Day? It may not be the same as Mother’s Day, but there is a tradition of skipping laundry on New Year’s Day.

Some people think that doing laundry on New Year’s Day will bring good luck. Others say he washes the dead for New Years. Either way, skip that load of laundry, if possible.

Don’t take anything out of the house

Although some people like to purge to start over, it might be best to line up all these items and wait until January 2 to get them out of the house. The old sentiment believes that more things will leave the house than will come in for the new year.

Stay away from expenses

While some people might like to start the New Year, it’s best to avoid paying bills and try not to spend on New Year’s Day. While some people may like the idea of ​​waiting a day to pay those holiday bills, the concept behind this superstition is clear. If withdrawing money on New Year’s Day sets the tone you’ll be spending all year.

And, are there any other things you should never do on New Year’s Day? Of course, many people have their traditions. From skipping work to avoiding certain food choices, the list goes on. Still, maybe this is the year everyone chooses to watch shows and sit on the couch in hopes of breaking the Groundhog Day cycle of the past two years.


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