Thursday, June 30 2022

People with young children, rejoice! This year there is no FOMO because anybody went out to party last night. Who would want to stay up late anyway, when you know that little kids don’t sleep?

At least now we can pull off all of the old jokes from 2020, because it’s 2021 and things still don’t look ‘normal’. Here’s a riff for kids on traditional New Years activities.

Instead of a brunch outside …

Make milk and fancy cookies at home. No cups today – pull out the fancy glasses to make everyone feel big and special, even though we’ve been wearing tracksuits for… Well, anyway.

For an extra touch, decorate the glass with a sprinkled rim. You will need two plates: one with a solution of honey and water, the other with sprinkles. Wet the edge first, then dip it in vermicelli. Pour in the milk and decorate with a cookie. Cheers!

Instead of a polar bear dive …

Make ice art to hang outdoors. It’s a really easy project; the hardest part was finding room in my freezer to put the plates down. Cut some greens and berries from your garden and place them on a small plate with a rim. Add a loop of string to the edge, lay out your design, then cover it with water and freeze it. Once it was frozen, we set the cold plate in a tub of lukewarm water for a few seconds and the ice cream pattern came out right away. Hang it outside where you can admire it.

If you’re really into a polar bear dive, you can sign up for a virtual dive and jump into an icy shower.

Instead of making resolutions (which you’ll break anyway) …

Write a silly list of everything you want to do or try in 2021, then get started. Like collecting 2021 stickers. Or maybe just 21. Or jump up and down 2021 (or 21) times in a row. Eat 21 new fruits or vegetables that you’ve never eaten before.

Start the new year with a new you. Host a kids’ makeover, where everyone can try on fun new hairstyles or new clothes.

Or try a new hobby. Try making bread in the shape of 2021. Try origami. Learn yoga. Start an indoor herb garden. To learn a new language. Compose a song or write poetry.

Instead of watching football …

Wait, the Rose Bowl is still going on, just without fans. Get the family together to organize your own sports competition. Look for crazy world records and try to beat them. At the very least, you can establish family records.

Maybe you are competitive in some sort of couch potato. Have a board game marathon, with new games or a new deck of cards.

It is also free state park day

You won’t need the Discover Pass to visit a state park on January 1. Choose a park and go for a hike with the family.

Try geocaching, which is an outdoor scavenger hunt using a GPS device (like a smartphone). Sign up for a free membership, enter your postal code and choose a geocache to find using its contact details.

Or just keep a low profile

New Years Day is always a bit of a letdown, as midnight isn’t that magically different from 11.59pm. Enjoy a lazy day doing nothing.


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