Friday, August 5 2022

CAIRO, Georgia (WCTV) – A shocking video from Cairo, Georgia is now circulating on social media and has triggered a state investigation.

The video shows people firing dozens of shots into the air using semi-automatic rifles and handguns.

Investigators say the incident happened on New Years Eve.

Video also shows what appears to be a Grady County Sheriff’s Deputy leaving the scene as people continue to shoot.

In the cellphone video circulating on social media, you can see around four different people shooting in the air in Cairo on New Years Day.

About 20 seconds into the video, what appears to be a GCSO deputy is seen getting into his vehicle and pulling away as the group continues to fire in the sky.

You can also hear and see the person taking the video threatening the Sheriff’s Deputy as they point a gun at their vehicle.

Seconds later, the video shows a person running towards the camera after lighting some sort of small fireworks or explosive outside a house.

There are no injuries reported; however, the next day, CPD responded to a house where a bullet had passed through the ceiling before landing on the sofa.

No one was hurt.

It is not known who the individuals are in the video whether they are minors or adults. It is also unclear whether they are facing charges.

The CPD and GCSO declined to comment on the incident, telling WCTV the investigation was being conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

WCTV has also reached out to GBI for comment, and they told us that this is an active investigation and that they are unable to release details at this time.

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