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PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA – Media outreach – January 19, 2022 – After experiencing a simple and quiet Lunar New Year in 2021, many households are gearing up to usher in the Year of the Tiger with a big bang. But before that, the tradition persists. Decluttering, organizing, and tidying up the home must happen to welcome good luck in the coming year.

Moreover, a decluttered and organized home, besides having plenty of food, will also help guests feel at home. Spending time decluttering non-common areas such as kitchens, storage rooms and other rooms will allow us to provide a more comfortable environment when visiting clients.

Realizing the need to provide peace of mind to consumers who want to know where items are in their home like the back of their hand, 3M is introducing a few easy steps to an organized household with Command™ products. Versatility in hand, the Command™ brand seeks to offer homeowners the creative freedom to experiment with the spaces available to them and enjoy a therapeutic organizing process.

Without tools or nails, the Command™ brand offers easy, damage-free hanging solutions. Command™ products are also designed to hold firmly to a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, tile, glass and wood. Here are three (3) simple tips on using Command™ products to make organizing this Lunar New Year easier, starting with the kitchen.

If you need them, hang them

The days leading up to Lunar New Year preparations always find us busy scrambling in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for families and friends. The last thing we want is to have to rummage through drawers looking for our kitchen utensils.

When it comes to post-celebrations and all these tools are no longer needed, we would need to store the tools where they came from. That’s when it comes in handy to have hooks that can be easily, easily, and cleanly removed from walls without leaving stains, sticky residue, and damaging surfaces. With Command™ stretch release technology, removing clasps has never been easier, cleaner or more inexpensive.

  • Command™ Style Tip: Too much on the kitchen counter or in the drawer? Adapt to today’s situation by hanging your kitchen utensils on the wall with 3M Command Wire Hooks to ensure no tipping and a neat presentation. For tight and compact kitchen spaces, hooks are a discreet and versatile way to declutter kitchen drawers in seconds.

Put the weight on the hooks

Ever wanted to use your creativity by strategically hanging those heavy pots or pans in the kitchen, but worried they won’t hold up well? Just like many modern kitchens today, hanging your frequently used kitchen utensils is not just a form of minimalist decorative design, but a way that helps create efficiencies for a functional kitchen, especially when cooking. festive.

Organizing heavy items just got easier this Lunar New Year with the reliable features and quality technologies of Command™ products, which have been tested and proven to withstand a variety of surface types such as smooth wood, metal, tiles, glass and painted walls. Additionally, all Command™ products have maximum holding power listed on their packaging, allowing consumers to choose the best hooks for the items they are looking to hang.

  • Command™ Style Tip: Instead of stacking your pots and pans on top of each other in the closet, consider using Command Utility Hooks or 3M Command Metal Hooks to hang them neatly on your walls or the side of your cupboards for easy access. .

Make them hidden gems

Cooking comes with a lot of cleaning. Having a broom and mop sitting in random corners of the kitchen can be handy, but it can be a major eyesore. Additionally, some households believe that having brooms and dustpans lying around the house can affect their luck for the New Year.

Consider hanging them in the storage room, on the walls, or on the back of doors as a space-saving solution that helps your culinary adventure continue.

  • Command™ Style Tip: Instead of placing your broom and mops on the floor, hook them up with the 3M Command Broom Clip. If you leave your kitchen door open, no one will know they’re there.

To better prepare for the auspicious start of a new year, the Command ™ brand offers exclusive promotions of up to 35% off * on Command™ products at offline and online retailers.

Command™ products are available at nearby stores such as ACE Hardware, AEON, Parkson, Popular and our official stores on Shopee and Lazada. For more information and creative styling advice, please follow the Command™ brand on instagram and Facebookor visit

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