Friday, August 5 2022

It was close

While we’re having yet another holiday in quarantine, especially one that usually means celebrating with a large group of people like New Year’s Eve, video games are a good solution to help things feel a little more normal. Sure, you can’t get together with a big group of friends, but you can get all your animal crossing town, put on a festive hat, grab a glow stick and count down with your favorite virtual neighbors.

Players from New Zealand and Australia have already started sharing clips of their celebrations online, complete with fireworks, and we’ll only see the rest of the world. 2022. While most of the images or videos chronicle the adorable, but mostly normal, festivities of various player towns, one video in particular features a hilarious coincidence.

Around quarter to midnight, the Reddit user u/CP1919- was hanging out in the town square, waiting for the countdown, when they suddenly noticed that a tarantula had made its way through the crowd. The residents all freeze in horror as CP1919 slowly approaches with their bug netting, then release a collective sigh of relief when the intruder is caught.

I just saved New Year’s Eve! from animal crossing

This player was not only able to enjoy a animal crossing Celebrating New Years on their island, but become the hero of it, and I think it’s a really fun moment of emergent storytelling that you can only get in a video game. Every now and then Reddit does something good for humanity, and in this case it’s to create a community where gamers can share those funny, unique, and sometimes amazing moments in the games we love.

Personally, I have not visited my animal crossing the island for months, but of all the parties I’ve seen since New Horizons, the New Year’s has to be one of the funniest, in my opinion. Even just seeing other people post their videos makes me feel a little more in the spirit of things when I can’t celebrate like I usually would. So please keep sharing your own special moments from your favorite games, especially when you suddenly become an action hero. These are my favourites.


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