Friday, September 30 2022

When will Ayumu make his move? is a charming rom-com anime from the summer 2022 season that borrows some clues from its older and more renowned cousin, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. Both animated series feature a high school boy and a girl who are totally in love, but also locked in a bitter battle of wits. Confessions of love don’t come easily in these series.

Even so, characters like Ayumu and Urushi can spend some serious quality time together even if they won’t budge in their stubborn battles of wits. Episode 5 of Ayumu, for example, shows how close Ayumu and Urushi can be when they put aside their shogi-based mind games and just be themselves. It’s an indispensable insight into what makes them who they are.

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Episode 5 of Ayumu is like a vacation in more ways than one. On a literal level, Ayumu and Urushi are in the middle of winter vacation, and more specifically, it’s New Year’s Day. It’s a time for them to relax and enjoy their daily lives, and being the good friends that they are, Ayumu and Urushi love the idea of ​​sharing their daily lives with each other. This episode is also like a vacation in the sense that Ayumu and Urushi take a break from their romantic battle of wits, and they play shogi in this episode just for fun, without any stakes. Ayumu and Urushi are at their best when playing shogi-based mind games together, but even they need a break – and so do viewers.

With all of that in mind, Episode 5 takes this opportunity to show what Ayumu and Urushi are like outside of the context of their shogi club, including visiting the restaurant that Urushi’s late grandfather used to have. used to visit every day. His grandfather’s friend runs the place, and when asked, the owner tells Ayumu all about Urushi’s youth, giving Ayumu some welcome insights into his love interest. Urushi isn’t just a pretty face playing shogi – he’s a whole person, and only now can Ayumu fully appreciate him. He even comments on this after spending the whole day with Urushi, although it’s worth noting that it doesn’t go both ways.

Ayumu reveals very little about himself in return as he is a cool and aloof kuudere who likes not to say things. He doesn’t mind having a video chat session with Urushi later that night where she can see him lying in bed, but otherwise Ayumu keeps himself locked up. Perhaps he thinks he’s too boring to bother telling Urushi about his own childhood, and as a partially self-inserted character, that just might be the case. Viewers are meant to identify with Ayumu as he is now, not as he was.

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Episode 5, and to a lesser extent Episode 4 as well, are a much-needed opportunity to dig deeper into Ayumu and Urushi’s characters to make sure they’re not entirely defined by their club antics. of shogi or their Kaguya-light romantic wit battle. If they were so shallow, the love feud would be much less intense and have lower stakes. However, now viewers can see Urushi as a complete person and they can better appreciate his role in the romantic shogi battle. Also, even though Ayumu doesn’t reveal much about his life, viewers can still appreciate the effort he puts in to connect with Urushi outside of school, which shows how much he cares. . He feels close to Urushi not only as a member of the club but as a person.

Even so, the Ayumu anime must be careful not to overdo it and water down its central premise. Some anime series and TV shows, often comedies or slice-of-life, start off strong with their central premise, but quickly devolve into a generic rom-com or sitcom series. The Ayumu The anime is more than anything a shogi-based battle of wits, and that’s what brought the two main characters together. Luckily, episode 5 made sure to keep the shogi in the picture, but as soon as possible, Ayumu and Urushi must resume their romantic battle of wits in full force to keep the anime strong. The holidays are over and now it’s time for another round of heartfelt battles.


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