Friday, August 5 2022

On New Year’s Day, you have full permission to do nothing, unless it’s for maximum comfort, of course. After staying up until midnight, dancing and toasting the New Year with champagne, the best way to celebrate January 1st is to stay home and wear comfortable loungewear. BTS’s Jungkook’s Instagram with his dogs is a prime example of the New Year’s vibes you should look out for.

The “Butter” singer posted the sweet photo of himself lying on the floor with his two dogs, Paeng and Song, to his Instagram on January 1. The Korean boy group members recently got their own personal Instagram accounts in December, after announcing that the group would be taking some time off after their Permission to dance on stage concerts in Los Angeles. While BTS has already connected with fans on Weverse and Twitter, their new personal Instagram accounts have allowed them to really show special moments and their individual personalities more with fans.

For example, J-Hope (@uarmyhope) opted for an aesthetic Polaroid Insta image, while RM (@rkive) used his feed to share snaps from his travels across the United States to different museums before returning to Korea. As for Jungkook (@abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz), he’s mostly posted business shots of his many cover photos in a photo on the stage at SoFi Stadium, but this New Year’s photo shows him chilling out.

If you have your own pup, you might spend the same day with your cuddled dog. In a snap, Jungkook can be seen wearing a simple white t-shirt, which also fits into the lazy vibe of comfort over everything. Although the goal is barely to lift a finger, you might want to expend some energy to check out Jungkook’s Insta story as well. Not only does he show off his puppies Paeng and Song on the rack, you can see a few of them hairy nice photos of his Doberman Pinscher, Bam, in his Story. Honestly, life doesn’t seem like that strawberry for Jungkook with so many furry friends by his side.

Fans on Twitter agree that these New Years snaps are a staple for ARMY.

Some fans even joked about how appropriate Jungkook was to share pictures of his dogs on Instagram – like many of us parents do.

In addition to posting the cozy dog ​​photos on Instagram, Jungkook and the rest of BTS recently wished ARMY a Happy New Year with a video posted on YouTube. In his message to fans, Jungkook said, “If you watch this video, I want you to know that I believe you are a brave person.” What a sweet sentiment for the new year from Golden Maknae of BTS.

Of course, while you may be brave as you enter the next year of 2022, today is all about recovery. So take inspiration from Jungkook and keep your pajamas on, grab your fur babies and lay on the floor, your bed or even the couch. You even have a lot of BTS music videos and content to watch or new BTS products to check out, because you’re doing absolutely nothing else on this NYD.


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