Friday, August 5 2022
New Years Eve is something everyone is looking forward to. For some, it’s about spending time with family, and for others, a trip with a bunch of friends complements the New Year’s celebrations. But celebrations on state beaches are also banned this year. Like last year, the government decided not to allow the public on state beaches on New Years Eve and the following day. While there is a disappointment that the beach is being banned this year as well, Chennaiites don’t let that chill the spirits as most seem to understand that this is a much-needed precautionary measure, especially with the threat. Omicron lying around, and they make alternate plans.

Options for celebrations in New York galore

Concerts, open-air parties, evenings at home … the possibilities are numerous, say Chennaians, who plan to celebrate the New Year with their loved ones.

Speaking of which, influencer Lalyth Solanki says, “This year there are four to five mind-blowing events taking place in the city. Among them, the one that takes place in a city mall is probably the most eye-catching – a rooftop party on New Year’s Eve. ”He adds:“ Unlike last year, the demand for the events of the New Years is much higher. We’re getting more requests this time around. DJ Eric Xirer Xavier agrees with Solanki as he says, “While he might not be as big as he used to be during the pre-COVID days, most hotels and pubs are planning to hold something. thing for the New Year. ”

Although beaches have always been a favorite haunt for New Year’s revelers, Chennaiites seem to be making the government’s decision on the spot. “I used to go to the beach for New Years celebrations during my college days, but not anymore. So the ban is not serious. I’d rather do something at home, ”says Shree, a 23-year-old architect, who is not disturbed by the government’s decision. Tumul Singh, another youngster from Chennai, is already on a trip and plans to ring in the New Year as he is trekking in Himachal Pradesh. “I won’t be back until after New Years. I will be trekking most of my time during the trip, visiting a number of places,” he tells us.

For Carnatic music lovers, there are events like the one organized by KN Shashikiran. “I have been hosting the Eastern Ethnic New Year since 2000. Instead of attending parties, we are providing another option for people to celebrate the New Year. This year we will start the concerts at 9 am on December 31 and they will continue until 12:30 a.m. on January 1. There will be over 100 musicians performing. It’s like a carnatic music festival, to start the year with positive vibes.

Simple and secure packages

Due to the fear of Omicron, there are others who make simple and safe plans. Banu Priya, a housewife from Chennai, will stick to her routine New Year’s plan, one reunion, albeit on a smaller scale. “With our friends, we usually rent a place to celebrate the New Year. We organize many games for our children and we finish after dinner. Last year we had limited celebrations. This year we can celebrate at a friend’s house and keep it simple and safe because of the fear of Omicron.

Gokul Kumar, an accountant, says: “I left on a trip with my colleagues in early 2021. This year I am waiting to see if there will be any further restrictions in terms of travel. Once I have a clear idea about it, I will plan accordingly. Either way, I’ll make plans with safety in mind.

It is important to have celebrations with caution ‘

Dr T Jacob John, retired professor and chief virology officer at CMC Vellore said: “The government’s decision not to let people on the beaches shows that they have taken notice of the new variant. ” Solanki informs: “Some event organizers have as a rule to have only vaccinated guests. In addition, the number of guests is limited. Masks are also essential during these events. Dr John adds: “Invite fewer people and use double masks. Also make sure that the event is held in a well ventilated space.


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