Friday, August 5 2022

At the dawn of 2021, China was coming straight out of the box office with a new record. On Friday, the market made a big milestone for New Years Day.

Estimates arrive for Jan. 1 at around 600 million RMB ($ 92 million), exceeding the same day in all previous years. The big result was generated largely by the new local title A small red flower which flourished thanks to strong word of mouth. It all comes as China wrapped up 2020 as the world’s largest box office market, overtaking North America for the first time. As previously stated, this was on the horizon as early as October. Comscore estimates that the total box office for the Middle Empire 2020 was $ 2.74 billion, although the China Film Administration had it slightly higher at $ 3.12 billion (RMB 20.4 billion). . The domestic box office is estimated at $ 2.28 billion, by comScore.

China experienced a strong rebound during the pandemic which nearly a year ago made it one of the first markets to close cinemas and forced it to miss the typically lucrative Lunar New Year period. local war epic The eight hundred is the world’s biggest movie for 2020 at $ 461 million (mostly from China) and the rest of the Top 10 includes the National Day release My People My Homeland and animated photo Legend of Deification.

The Middle Empire was routinely expected to overtake the domestic market at some point, although it’s not clear the market would have done so this year without the impact of the virus. However, many industry executives we spoke with believe it will continue to dominate in 2021.

China has its own New Year coming up and signs point to a massive frame from February 12 with, more importantly, Detective Chinatown 3.

So far, the current weekend has been led by heartwarming local drama A small red flower, the story of two families struggling with cancer. He comes from Go away Mr. Tumor director Yan Han and grossed 255 million RMB ($ 39 million) on Friday after premieres began Thursday at 6 p.m. local time. The cumulative until 7:00 p.m. local time on Sunday is 740 million RMB ($ 113.3 million) and counts.

Also adopted by Chinese audiences, this session is the comedy Warm hug with 160 million RMB ($ 24.5 million) on January 1 and a total until Sunday evening of 509 million RMB ($ 78 million). Other films showing near the top of the charts included last weekend’s world leader Shock wave 2 (812M RMB / $ 124.3M until tonight) and Disney / Pixar’s Soul which has benefited from strong word of mouth and has seen strong daily increases. Its cumulative after 10 days is over $ 25 million.

We’ll have a full international box office update later today.


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