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The Chowman restaurant chain has been synonymous with all things Chinese since its inception. Every year, the restaurant invites the city’s successful personalities for a fun meal to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases, however, this year the celebrations are a little different.

Instead of a massive feast at the restaurant, a gourmet feast menu was curated especially for the occasion and then delivered to Chowan friends across town.

The Telegraph tried the menu and spoke to a group of people who also sampled it.

“Chinese New Year is one of the most important events for me. We celebrate this day every year, but following the despair we went through with this pandemic restraint, we decided to move forward in the new normal route. We skipped the celebrations and instead curated a menu with my team of chefs for a few of my close friends. This being the year of the tiger, it was important for us to celebrate its strength and passion and hope well kick off this brand new year,” said Debaditya ChaudharyMD, Chowman.

Jishu Sengupta

“Oh, we loved the food. In fact, I am fascinated to know that it was the Year of the Tiger. After the difficult times that we continue to face with the pandemic, a little relaxation and a good feast is something that changes the monotony. Although I am not of the Tiger zodiac, I believe there is always a Tiger within us who is the embodiment of strength. Chowman is still my favorite and I’m glad they were able to celebrate this Chinese New Year despite the pandemic. I wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year.

Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam

“I had a great time with my family around this delicious meal. The food was excellent and I loved their breaded fried fish. I want to thank everyone from the Chowman team and especially Debaditya and his team of chefs for organizing my Chinese New Year! This year being the Year of the Tiger means a time of change, good luck, good news and wish fulfillment. I think it is high time we had to hold on to something to hope for a better year and the year of the tiger seems very positive after such despair. Wishing everyone’s dream come true.

Arunima Gosh

Arunima Gosh

“I always look forward to Chowman’s Chinese New Year and make sure you don’t miss it! Deba always surprises me with new items every new year and I’m super glad he included my all time favorite Chowman dish which is Kung Pao Chicken. Thank you again for including me in this celebration. Happiness and good health to all in this Year of the Tiger! Tiger is known for his power and his attitude to achieve the best. I think Debaditya has all the qualities of a tiger and I wish him every success in life.

Parambrata Chatterjee

Parambrata Chatterjee

“Very meticulously made! I am very impressed with how Chowman managed to celebrate his Chinese New Year once again. What makes Chowman so close to my heart is that Chowman brought a bend to the barrier of popularized Indochinese in Kolkata and literally reinvented Chinese cuisine without too much appropriation. For my Chinese craving, Chowman is a real place I reach out to, but this time I especially liked their Prawn Har Gau. This party is a big surprise for me. Really enjoyed all the dishes with my mates. This year has really been upside down and something like this was needed to break the boredom. I wish you the best and good luck for the Chinese New Year.

Srijit Mukherji

Srijit Mukherji

“I had an amazing time. The food was great and I really loved the crabmeat in black bean sauce. Usually working in the industry barely gives us time to keep experimenting with food But the plethora of food made me happy. The food always makes me happy and as long as it’s from Chowman, I keep looking forward to it. Chinese New Year isn’t much celebrated here, but can enjoying it sitting at home with my family is really special. Thank you for a beautiful holiday! I hope this Year of the Tiger brings good health and prosperity. Looking forward to celebrating it together in the coming year.

The PICKS Telegraph

Shrimps with Butter and Garlic: The crispy coating of tender shrimp with the perfect blend of butter and garlic makes this dish perfect for a Chinese festival. @Rs 420-plus

Fried rice with seafood: Made with shrimp, eggs and chicken, Seafood Fried Rice is synonymous with Chinese feasting. Moreover for the Chinese, the shrimp is a symbol of fortune and luck. @Rs 270-plus

Soy chilli pork: One of their signature dishes, Chili Soy Pork, while common, speaks to the richness of flavors with the perfect blend of spice and sweetness. @Rs 310-plus

Lamb rolls: It is an important dish that represents abundance due to the filling of tender and chewy lamb flesh. Chowman’s Hunan Lamb Rolls are in tune with the vibrant colors and spices of the Hunan style of preparation. It is a special dish and not part of the regular menu.

Crab Meat in Black Bean Sauce: The incredible aromatic mix of fresh crab in a black bean sauce is quite a common dish in Chinese culture and has found popularity at family celebrations. @Rs 435-plus

Har Gau Shrimp: Any Chinese festival is incomplete without a dumpling, and Prawn Har Gau with its stuffing is perfect for welcoming the New Year with generosity and prosperity. @Rs 410-plus


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