Friday, August 5 2022

Mansfield Police were able to peacefully end a 4 hour standoff at 16 Randall Road on New Years Day.

Mansfield Deputy Police Chief Jason Bammann said officers were dispatched to the residence around 4 p.m. Saturday for a health check.

“They had received a report that there was a man inside, Jeremiah Conrad, who was potentially suicidal or talking about harming himself. When officers arrived, they made contact with him. His daughter 13 was inside with him and he had a butcher’s knife,” Bammann told media after the clash.

The SWAT team and the hostage negotiation team were on the scene.

“HNT was able to get in touch with him (Conrad) by phone, made some negotiations and maybe after 3 or 4 hours convinced him to let the 13 year old out in exchange for cigarettes. They continued to talk to him. and eventually he gave up. He got out and we took him to the hospital for treatment that he needed,” Bammann said.

The suspect in a deadlock at 4, Jeremiah Conrad, was brought outside after 8pm on New Years Day without incident.  Conrad was threatening to hurt himself.

Bammann said Conrad had a minor warrant from the Ontario Police Service.

Media spoke with his estranged wife in the Grotto Hall parking lot. She said he had “ups and downs” over the years and suffered from mental health issues.

The neighborhood was barricaded with barricades.

In April 2015, a standoff on the same street at 36 Randall Road lasted 27 hours before Mansfield police shot and killed David Parker, 58, after pointing a gun at a Columbia Gas employee and then at police. The standoff, in which Parker shot police 22 times, disabled a robot and punctured a bulletproof shield, ultimately ended in Parker’s death.

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