Thursday, June 30 2022

Delaware hospitals have seen a 54% increase in the number of COVID-positive patients since New Year’s Day.

Saturday’s 784 COVID patients (67 reviews) marked the 12th consecutive day of increase, dating back to December 27, 2021, when there were 421. There were 509 on New Years Day.

In addition, hospitals are seeing an increase in non-COVID-related hospitalizations to a level similar to last year around the same time – just over 1,600.

According to DEMA Director AJ Schall, those combined numbers, along with positive COVID headcount and staffing shortages are straining the system, as people rush to the ER just to try and get tested.

“Individuals are asking to go to hospitals to ask to be tested so that they can be eliminated without any symptoms or medical complaints. These are the people we need to keep out of the hospital, and leave the emergency services and their staff focus on those who are injured or ill and need urgent medical attention. “

Saturday also marked the 9th time in 11 days that more than 2,000 new positive cases were reported, a number that peaked at 4,347 on January 6.

Delaware averaged more than 8,698 tests over the past week, up from about 6,000 two weeks ago.

The state also released more detailed COVID data for the week of December 20-26, 2021.

During this period, there were 6,933 positive for COVID, of which 62% (4,315) were from unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people (not counting boosters).

Unvaccinated or partially unvaccinated people accounted for 71% of 174 new hospitalizations that week and 14 of 19 reported deaths (74%).

According to state data, 30.4% of Delawarens have not received a dose of the vaccine, a number that drops to 21.6% for those 12 and older. 40% of Delaware are not fully vaccinated, or 31.9% of those aged 12 and over.

Delaware did not break down hospitalizations by demographics in addition to vaccine status.

Delaware hospitals announced last month that they were suspending some elective surgeries in an attempt to address the COVID-related bed shortage.

They did not specify what percentage of beds they have available at the moment.


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