Friday, August 5 2022

Tis the season, everyone! It’s the season to channel your giving spirit and buy presents for your friends and family at your myriad Christmas and New Year’s dinner parties (while staying safe, of course!). What if I told you that you could buy Christmas gifts and do a good deed at the same time?

What if you could support someone’s dreams and aspirations by shopping? Good, Whatsapp Business launched a new initiative, ‘Gifts for good‘, featuring local and women-owned businesses for you to shop on your favorite app!

Today, I’d like to share with you six women-led businesses that offer products ranging from small-batch snacks and pastries to traditional recipes, daily necessities, and handcrafted jewelry. You’ll be spoiled for choice this holiday season! Would you like to see your options? Here’s your ultimate guide to mid-holiday gifts!

This chili looks absolutely stunning – literally.

This is a chilli pepper business run by Dione and his father. Dione’s dad always made his famous chili sauce for friends and family. Seeing how delicious it is, they always encouraged the two to make a business out of it. Now that her dad is semi-retired, Dione seized the opportunity! While her dad experiments in the kitchen, Dione handles the business side of things, and together this dynamic duo has ruled the hearts of so many who got their spice!

Do you know any friends or family members who are experts at dealing with the freakishly scorching heat of chili peppers? This could be the perfect gift for them!

Whatsapp Business Christmas: NOMMISH
The granola was delicious. No doubt, I couldn’t put that away, and I wouldn’t have to as it’s healthy!

If you like name, this next case will be the bomb! Liz runs this business. A dramatic epiphany has struck her and her business partner over an addictive yet incredibly healthy snack: granola! When this became her favorite snack, Liz launched NOMMISH to share her favorite snack with Singaporeans. She creates fresh, small-batch, “unapologetically healthy” granola for us!

Give someone this delicious snack – a snack they can never and should never put down!

Whatsapp Business Christmas: Sweet Surprises
Pleasing to the eye and the taste buds, this is one of the elements that your gift box could include!

The founders of Sweet Surprises, Ifra and Thara Hassan, are sisters, and they hold the fort together! They give you the most unique and fun gift boxes, which contain sweet and sweet surprises! Their Sweet Boxes and Smash Boxes are customizable and contain a wide range of sweets and chocolates.

A classic gift during the holiday season is chocolates and candy, so if you’re going for a classic gift idea, you’ve found your dream business!

What do you wear to brighten up a dull outfit? Jewelry! But this company is different from others. Sarah, founder of Daughters Diamonds, started this business not to fulfill her own dreams, but those of others. She wanted to help individuals design the jewelry of their dreams, whether by working with them to create unique designs or by bringing old jewelry to life by redesigning it! In Asia, the finest jewelry artisans use their top notch craftsmanship skills to bring you stunning jewelry that will adorn your body and be the envy of others!

Give someone a treasured handcrafted piece of jewelry from this company and they will love you forever.

Whatsapp Business Christmas: Every Knitted Thing
These are incredibly adorable! And those coasters; take my money!

This hobby turned business offers you beautiful hand-knitted items that will add character to your home! Valerie and her sister wanted to keep their mother active after she stopped working during the pandemic. They had the brilliant idea of ​​taking their mother’s hobby to the next level by turning it into a business! Today, these three women run this business together, selling funky handmade coasters and adorable trinkets. They hope that every product that reaches their customers will put a smile on their faces and spread good cheer this season!

On which face will you place this smile, with these crazy knits? Gift this to someone who loves small artifacts of talent and likes to show them off in their home!

Whatsapp Business Christmas: the creature in the bag
It’s the perfect little bag for your keys and your lipstick, but there are so many more options for you!

What started as a passion project for Matthew turned into an exciting business when his wife, Jieying, came on board! She knew there was potential for this project to be something more, and she gave it her all as she quit her job and started running the ropes of this business. Today, this company helps her family of four (and two dogs!) sell everything from functional camera bags to travel backpacks.

You can never go wrong with bags as gifts! The perfect practical bags, which can hold your most prized possessions or be your partner throughout a working day, are a gift that everyone will be grateful for.

Whatsapp Business Christmas: All businesses
It just screams “party season”!

Now, these are the six brilliant companies. The only thing I can think of right now is #GirlPower! As we say in our commitment, with our heads held high, our shoulders back and our hands against our hearts, we want to build a society based on equality. Celebrating women proves that our nation is on the path to progress. It is truly a proud moment as a woman to see other women given the chance to steer the wheel and steer it towards success.

I hope this giving season you will give these businesses a chance. Let’s help them realize that they are capable of anything, and above all, through it all, we support them.

Go see the different businesses on their Instagram accounts and place your order on WhatsApp by clicking above on the names of the businesses that caught your attention!

Let’s make these women feel the joyful spirit because it really is the season!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC team.


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