Friday, August 5 2022

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed new details about Phil Mitchell’s shocking New Year’s Eve story.

We’ve already covered how Phil (Steve McFadden) will take matters into his own hands after Christmas, when he makes a discovery that leaves him spooked.

Jack and Howie decided to report Phil to the police before Christmas, finally acknowledging the extent of Kim’s grief.


Viewers know Denise is dealing with divided loyalties now that her sister Kim knows the truth about Phil’s role in her husband Vincent’s death three years ago.

As a result, she decides to cut off Phil’s contact with their son Raymond and insists he cannot see the youngster until New Years.

After Christmas, Jack informs Denise that the police plan to come after Phil any day, but the conversation is interrupted by Kat – who arrives to ask for a favor.

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Following her conversation with Kat, Denise agrees to let Phil see Raymond, leaving Jack shocked.

Phil is excited to spend time with Raymond, but things go awry when Kat learns what’s going on.

The next day, Sharon becomes suspicious of Kat’s distracted behavior, forcing her to reveal the truth. Kat tells Sharon that Denise reported Phil to the police about Vincent’s death and now they plan to arrest him.

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When Phil overhears, he confronts Denise who retaliates by revealing that the police are coming for him any day now.

Fearing for her ex-husband, Sharon tells Phil he has no choice – he has to run away.

Thanks to previous paparazzi photos, we already know that Phil is following Sharon’s advice, setting the stage for more drama through January.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 30 December and Friday 31 December on BBC One.

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