Friday, August 5 2022

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office encourages New Year’s revelers to celebrate safely.

In a statement, the agency offered 10 tips for ringing safely in 2022.

“We want everyone to end safely until 2021 and start safely until 2022,” Captain Jeff Eyler, commander of FCSO patrol operations, said in the statement. “Using these tips and our common sense, we hope everyone has a great New Years weekend with family and friends.”

1. Plan your travel plans accordingly. Use carpooling services, taxi, designated driver or Light Rail, for example.

2. If you are having a party, plan to get your guests home safely. Do not allow anyone who has been drinking alcohol to drive. Take the keys when your guests arrive and use your best judgment before letting them return home.

3. Coordinate a plan with your older children. Remind them of the dangers of drinking and driving and encourage them to stay in one place and not move from place to place.

4. Don’t leave your car parked anywhere overnight. Statistics show that car thefts increase dramatically over the New Years weekend. Ride with a designated driver, take a taxi from your home and back, or call family / friends to pick you up and drop off. drive your car from home.

5. Avoid using fireworks and guns to celebrate the New Year. Drinking and shooting fireworks and / or guns is a recipe for disaster.

6. If you decide to go out, take only what you need. Small sums of money, ID, a credit card or two, and a cell phone should suffice. Leave the rest at home.

7. If you haven’t been drinking and decide to come home late, be sure to let someone know about your plans and let them know when you are home. As New Years Eve continues late into the night or early in the morning, the risk for drunk drivers on the road increases dramatically.

8. Make sure you never leave your drink. Leaving your drink out of sight gives those who want to do something evil an open opportunity to do so.

9. Fully charge your cell phone before you leave. Download ridesharing apps to your phone before you go, and plan to use one if you need to.

10. Above all, be careful and do not drive drunk.

According to the National Safety Council, “Nationally, alcohol-related deaths (involving an alcohol content in the blood of 0.08 g / dL or more) in 2019 accounted for 28% of the total number of deaths on the road. During the 2019 New Years holiday period (latest data available), 36% of fatalities involved a drunk driver.

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