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On February 1, the Korea Center-King Sejong Institute, or KC-KSI, of the Office of International Programs is hosting a free Korean Seollal and Chinese Lunar New Year celebration from noon to 2 p.m. on Cater Lawn. The event is open to all Auburn University faculty, staff, and students, and no pre-registration is necessary.

In South Korea, Seollal, or Korean New Year, is a festival and national holiday commemorating the first day of the Korean calendar. In honor of Seollal, KC-KSI offers attendees traditional Korean cuisine for lunch and the chance to play Squid Games. The winners of the games will be rewarded.

Additionally, the event will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. In Taiwan, the Chinese Lunar New Year is a time for people to reunite with loved ones for a meal, deep clean their homes, watch the Chinese New Year TV gala, and stay up all night. night to celebrate. Taiwan’s Dihua Street is known for its shops that sell Lunar New Year cuisine, which includes snacks, cured meats, and street food.

“This event is a great learning opportunity for the Auburn community to see and experience how different parts of the world celebrate Lunar New Year,” said Ellie Lee, director of academic programs at the Korea Center-King Sejong Institute. . “The Korea Center-King Sejong Institute and Taiwan Initiative are excited for people to attend, try the cuisine, and join in the traditions our cultures observe on Lunar New Year’s Day.”

Any questions, please email [email protected]. To stay up to date with Korea Center-King Sejong Institute’s programming throughout the year, go here.


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Free celebration of Korean and Chinese Lunar New Year on February 1

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