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Guild Wars 2 begins its Lunar New Year event in the city of Divinity’s Reach with games, food, unique prizes, and new crate items.

gw2 lunar new year celebration in game event

The Lunar New Year is an exciting time for MMORPG players to experience Chinese holiday-based events in their favorite games. Guild Wars 2 is no exception, as it begins its own event for the Year of the Tiger in the weeks leading up to its End of the dragons expansion.

Like many events in Guild Wars 2, players can participate regardless of their level. Players will find an invite in their mailbox that can be used to teleport to the heart of the festivities in the human capital of Divinity’s Reach and teleport them back to where they were once they’re done.


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The event itself is a colorful celebration full of fireworks, games and prizes, including food from the Guild Wars 2 continent of Cantha, where End of the dragons takes place. Players can acquire divine lucky wraps resembling loot boxes filled with New Year’s goodies, race their favorite mounts through the city, and set off fireworks. Limited-edition rewards have also been added to the in-game store, such as a White Tiger skin for the Jackal mount and beautiful White Tiger-themed armor and weapons, but players can also earn special rewards, such as the Primal Tiger Hood, Mini Lunar Tiger minion, and the Crescent Steel Sword, by completing festival achievements.

gw2 year of the tiger achievement rewards

This year, the Lunar New Year celebration in Guild Wars 2 is special, as players will soon be visiting the continent of Cantha, where these celebrations originated. End of the dragons adds nine new elite specializations, a new Siege Turtle mount, and several new areas, and will take players back to a continent never seen before Guild Wars: Factions over ten years ago, which will end the Elder Dragons saga.

It’s a good time to be a Guild Wars 2 fan or a cat fan, but a better time to be both. Players were surprised to see that the White Tiger was a skin for the jackal mount, rather than the mighty Warclaw, although this is likely because the Warclaw already has a tiger skin and is primarily used in PvP, while the Jackal has more use elsewhere. Nonetheless, players have already rushed to the Black Lion Trading Company store to spend their gems on the new White Tiger items.

Some players are annoyed by the audacity of Guild Wars 2 to start this event without giving a release date for End of the dragons, corn. Arenanet showed a release schedule that puts the expansion’s launch at the end of February, but many are wondering why it hasn’t set a specific date yet. However, with February already hosting a large number of AAA titles, more The Sith Legacy of the Old Republic expansion and possibly World of Warcraft End of Eternity patch, Guild Wars 2 probably hopes to avoid direct competition for The end of the dragons Release.

Guild Wars 2 is now available on PC, with End of the dragons released in February 2022.

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