Friday, September 30 2022
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – “The tradition of the Hmong New Year is to celebrate with family and friends as the harvest is complete.”

It’s a celebration that’s been happening in the Central Valley since the early 80s but had to be skipped in 2020 due to the pandemic.

This year it’s back.

The seven-day event at the Fresno Fairgrounds has been shortened to just four days as the community continues to deal with the impacts of COVID. This means fewer sellers and probably fewer visitors.

Hoping to lessen the impact, Mayor Jerry Dyer and City Council President Luis Chavez presented Hmong New Year organizers with a $50,000 sponsorship check.

“This celebration brings people from across the United States into our community,” Dyer said. “It promotes tourism, increases hotels, flights to and from our airport, restaurants.”

In addition, a novelty this year to welcome visitors from all over the country to the exhibition center…

“The first bilingual sign in the city of Fresno and it happens to be in the Hmong language,” Chavez said. “It’s so we can remind residents year-round that we’re hosting the largest Hmong New Year celebration in America.”

A celebration meant to reflect the tradition of the old country – now shared with people of all walks of life in Fresno and beyond.

Hmong New Year music, performances, food and fun will return to the fairgrounds from Thursday to Sunday.

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