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The Lunar New Year has started on February 1, 2022, and Mojang is introducing free Minecraft content for players to enjoy.

Along with a new Minecraft map known as the Legend of Nezha, Mojang is introducing two new cosmetics for Bedrock Edition players to use in the Character Creator. These cosmetics are a Tiger Mask and a Tiger Sweater.

This Lunar New Year commemorates the Year of the Tiger, so it’s only natural that the character content carries a tiger-themed aesthetic. However, players will want to download the content soon, as it will no longer be available after February 7.

How to download the tiger mask in Minecraft

Mojang has long celebrated the Lunar New Year as an event (Image via Mojang)
Mojang has long celebrated the Lunar New Year as an event (Image via Mojang)

Downloading the new tiger mask in Minecraft is very easy. However, players will need to ensure that their version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is up to date and has Marketplace access from the main menu. This also applies to the Pocket edition as it runs from the Bedrock code base.

Once fully updated, players can open their game client and visit the market from the main menu. They can select the tiger mask page directly from the featured page of the market screen. However, sometimes the mask does not appear in any of the available categories.

Luckily, searching for “tiger mask” should bring up the item’s store page. Then all players need to do is navigate to the “download/get this item” button and click it. After a brief download, the Tiger Mask should be available for use on the Character Creator screen.

The same method should work for players who also want to download the Legend of Nezha and the Tiger Sweater.

Unlike the Tiger Mask and Sweater, which will leave the market on February 7, the Legend of Nezha will be available for an entire year before being retired. This gives players considerable time to download and enjoy all the 2022 Lunar New Year celebration content.

So, put on your tiger mask and sweater, head to the Legend of Nezha map and discover one of the most fascinating stories in Eastern folklore. Free content doesn’t often appear in the Minecraft Marketplace, so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of it.

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