Friday, August 5 2022

2020 is finally over and we are all hoping for better days ahead. However, at the moment, the safest activities are those with our immediate focus that do not involve gatherings or travel.

This can make celebrating the holidays even more difficult, and with the Lunar New Year only weeks away, many families are trying to find ways to adapt their traditional family celebrations into something safer, more intimate and socially distant.

This year, like last year, staying virtual remains the safest bet. “We know that an important Lunar New Year ritual is reuniting with family and friends. With COVID-19 cases surging, it’s best to follow CDC guidelines and celebrating safely at home,” said Casey Martinez, To avoid Party specialist.


So much about Lunar New Year is about decorating and setting the table. “If you can’t go out to buy certain items or can’t go to your family, who may be the guardian of the decor, you can easily DIY your paper lanterns or the fortune cookiesSaid Martinez. Dedicate a moment during your virtual celebration to share your good fortunes.

Lunar new year virtual background

Virtual backgrounds allow guests to at least simulate being in the same place! “The family selects a virtual background in advance, and each family member sets the background as the backdrop for the call, which can make everyone present feel like they are together “, said Courtney Ajinca, a celebrity event planner based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Set the table

Serve the citrus fruits. “Mandarins and oranges are displayed and traded among family and friends and eaten because they symbolize wealth and luck,” Martinez said.

Introduce orchids. “The most popular Lunar New Year flower, the orchid, symbolizes abundance, luxury and sophistication,” Martinez said. Set it up as the centerpiece of your dining table.

red envelopes are usually filled with money and given to children or unmarried adults. “This year, you might consider sending a digital card where you can upload a personalized video with good wishes, send the recipient of your choice an e-gift card or a gift from Amazon to share the wealth,” said Martinez said.

Gift boxes

You might not be able to exchange gifts in person, but Lunar New Year is a great excuse to send a care package. “For a virtual Lunar New Year celebration, send everyone involved a gift box with red clothes and underwear, lucky drapes and lisee (red envelopes),” said Jamie Chang, owner and event organizer for Mango Muse Events. This will put everyone in the festive mood and ensure good fortune and good luck. Also, feel free to include a treat while you’re at it. For example, these See’s Candies Lunar New Year Dark Chocolates are so cute!

Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual cooking classes have been all the rage during lockdown and picking one that makes a traditional Lunar New Year food can be perfect for the occasion. For example, on Friday February 12, Masters of great chefs alum Anita Lo will host a dumplings class on a virtual cooking class platform 100 tricks. Since the dumplings are the same shape as ancient Chinese currency, it has become a ritual to eat them during Chinese New Year to wish good fortune for the coming year.


A big part of the Lunar New Year celebration is the food and drink. “Order and send the same items to everyone or prepare and deliver them,” Chang said.

Or if you live in different regions, only send items that can travel like gau or tea and candied fruits and vegetables. “It will give everyone a chance to participate in the same article together and celebrate together even if they are apart,” Chang said.

Lunar New Year celebrations are all about tradition, so traditional foods and drinks are what the party is about. “Rice and jai, gau and tea with candied fruits and vegetables are the staples,” Chang said. They are good luck charms and represent wishes for a long, healthy, prosperous and sweet life.

Personalized cocktails

Create a themed cocktail for the family to share on the call. “Each person gets a list of mocktails or custom cocktails they want to create, and then everyone goes to get those ingredients,” Ajinca said. Then, prepare them and enjoy them together!

February 12 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. “The ox represents the hard work, positivity and honesty that needs to show up in all of us over the next 12 months – something we all need for 2021!” said Martinez.

Honor the Ox during your celebration by sharing something you hope to accomplish in 2021 and something you are grateful for. “An intimate goal-sharing session will help motivate your family and friends for the year ahead!” said Martinez.


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