Friday, August 5 2022

Latest news on international travel: In the wake of the increase in cases of Omicron variant, many countries have revised their travel guidelines for the international air passengers. While many countries have extended the travel ban, some have relaxed it with restrictions. However, if you plan to travel abroad for Christmas and New Year 2022 celebrations, you must know the latest travel guidelines.Read also – Omicron fear: first three cases reported in Jammu, 11 positive tests in Maharashtra

From the UK and Denmark to Norway and South Africa, many countries have reported the highest number of Omicron cases and have revised their travel guidelines for international air passengers accordingly. Also Read – As Omicron threat looms, Center calls on states to impose nighttime curfew

In the meantime, Indian air passengers should know that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) extended the ban on international flights earlier this month until January 2022. Also Read – Japan Entry Controls Will Remain Until More About Omicron

List of countries and travel guidelines for air passengers:

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Even though the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeing an increase in Covid cases, the Arab nation has not changed any international travel guidelines. The country has also not imposed new restrictions on travelers.

Sri Lanka: If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka for the Christmas or New Year celebrations, you will need to bring a negative RT-PCR report issued at least 72 hours before your arrival.

Singapore: Due to 24 confirmed cases of Omicron, Singapore decided to issue a 7-day Health Risk Warning (HRW) to people identified as having visited locations where cases had been infected with the Omicron variant.

Thailand: Following the increase in Omicron cases, Thailand has decided to reinstate mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors.

UK: However, the UK has said it has yet to rule out the possibility of a “Christmas lockdown”. UK Health Minister Sajid Javid has said his government is “closely monitoring the data” and refused to rule out the possibility of any restrictions on gatherings during the upcoming holiday season.

Denmark: Home to more than 15,000 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant, Denmark on Friday announced the closure of cinemas, theaters and museums. The country has also restricted travel by international air passengers.

South Africa: South Africa has been the target of travel bans imposed by a number of countries. Taking action, the country decided last week to maintain its lockdown at “adjusted level 1,” the lowest of a five-level edging system.


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