Saturday, May 21 2022

Pause the panic button. According to Good Housekeeping, Starbucks is expected to be the first day of the New Year in many places. However, last year a Starbucks spokesperson made it clear that you had better use the Starbucks Locator or your handy Starbucks app to make sure your local establishment is up and running. While it’s handy to provide a window of time that you have to work with, of course each store’s hours of operation may vary. And it would be absolutely overwhelming to make the trip to any location you want, with dreams of sugar plums (or reindeer cakes) dancing through your head, to find them closed, so you better check out on board. The Internet is your friend. Your phone too. Use them.

If you’re especially interested in one of the Starbucks coffees or candies that are only offered during the Joy of the Year Marathon, or feel like you still have to greet the day with the Happy Red Cup, better do not linger. While we couldn’t find any official end date for the holiday deals, Bustle estimated that based on previous years, Starbucks’ party drinks will likely be gone by the second week of January, when the count at countdown to the next red cup season will begin.


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