Thursday, June 30 2022

A record-breaking New Years Eve could be followed by the hottest New Year’s Day on record as Britain begins 2022 with a period of ‘unusually mild’ weather.

The Met Office expects highs of 14 ° C or 15 ° C on Saturday, with the previous record high on New Years Day at 15.6 ° C.

On Friday, temperatures reached 15.8 ° C in Merryfield, Somerset and Nantwich, Cheshire, which broke the previous New Year’s record of 14.8 ° C.

The Met Office later reported that temperatures had risen overnight in parts of the UK, with Bala in Wales hitting 16.5C to make New Year’s Eve tentatively the hottest on record.

Although the highest temperature was reached overnight, the Met Office uses the 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. period for historical recordings.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said the prospect of records also being broken on New Years Day was “not impossible.”

“This is the first time since December 2016 that we have three consecutive days at 15 ° C,” he said.

“It has been a prolonged benign period.

“It may break records (on New Years Day), but I was much more confident that we would see record high temperatures on New Years Eve because the New Years record is a bit higher.

“It will always be an exceptionally soft start until 2022.”

UK has a smooth start to the year until 2022

Mr Snell added that the average temperature in December and early January is generally around 7 ° C or 8 ° C, and that the warmer temperatures this year are due to a southwest wind blowing through the country.

He added that the warmer temperatures are generally localized, but “a lot of places” saw highs of 15 ° C in December.

However, he said January could see a drop in temperatures.

One of the victims of the hot weather was the ice rink at Somerset House in London, which will now be closed on New Years Day.

A Somerset House Twitter account said the “difficult decision” was made “because of the effect of the ongoing warm temperatures on the quality of the ice.”

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