Friday, August 5 2022

Dinner is an integral part of the Lunar New Year celebration, and the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen offers something to delight any palate with auspicious special dinner menus. China Lodge Cantonese Restaurant and Northern and Sichuan Restaurant, 1881 will both offer splendid dining experiences to welcome a bodes well for the Lunar New Year in 2021.

China Lodge – Cantonese Cuisine

China Lodge is a traditional Cantonese-style restaurant with 14 private dining rooms. To celebrate the dawn of the Year of the Ox, they offer three dinner menus including a fine selection of traditional dishes such as roast suckling pig, fish mouth soup, wok-cooked lobster with others. high-end Chinese specialties. “Fortune” is priced at RMB 8,888, “Wealth” at RMB 10,888, and “Health” at RMB 16,888 for eight people. The menus will be available from February 11 to 18.

1881 – Delights from North China and Sichuan

Le 1881 offers a unique ‘dine in the kitchen’ atmosphere with authentic cuisines from North China and Sichuan. 1881 will feature four unique New Year’s menus: “Bonheur”, priced at 2,688 RMB for six people; “Love”, priced at RMB 3,888 for eight people; “Wealth”, priced at RMB 5,888 for 10 people; “Prosperity” priced at RMB 6,888 for 12 people. Menus include wood-fired Peking Duck, Lamb, Steamed Tiger Grouper, and handmade dumplings that are sure to satisfy big, happy families looking to get in the party spirit. . The menus will be available from February 11 to 18.


Poon Choi and rice cakes

Poon Choi is an auspicious dish symbolizing family reunions and prosperity, and has long been considered part of Lunar New Year food culture. A selection of Poon Choi with Abalone, Fish Mouth and Sea Cucumber for four to six people is priced at RMB 1,588, will be available until February 12 to wish you a prosperous year ahead. In addition, the homemade rice cake set is perfect for ushering in a bright new year, priced at RMB 288 per set for two pieces, as well as a sauce gift set priced at RMB 268.


Plus, The Mansion is the perfect private venue for a reunion dinner on February 11, with Chinese-themed decorations, Lunar New Year snack boxes, and a New Years raffle, including a live broadcast. the CCTV Spring Festival gala to complete the experience.


[All images courtesy of Grand Hyatt Shenzhen]


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