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The Lunar New Year celebration showcased a variety of student talents and offered interactive cultural learning experiences.

The high school held its first in-person Lunar New Year celebration since being classified as a Category I holiday on Feb. 18, which included both an assembly and a club fair.

The Lunar New Year assembly, held during E-Block, showcased different aspects of Asian cultures through student performances.

The performances included three martial arts demonstrations: Kung Fu by junior Terry Chiou, who also had a yo-yo performance, Karate by Yuki Hoshi, Amalie Andersen, Laura Andersen and Justina Wang and Taekwondo by junior Anna Lin, the rookie Vera Lin and senior Azam Johnson.

Popcorn, the high school Korean pop dance group, showed off their dancing skills despite technical difficulties with the audio.

The congregation had musical performances by senior Jiayi Guo and her father playing hulusi, Meimei Ni playing Yang Qin, a piano arrangement by senior William Yoon and singing by rookie Sophia Song.

The school orchestra and the Camerata choir performed traditional folk songs.

The assembly ended with a dragon dance by Terry Choi and Justin Tzeng.

The club fair, which ran from Block A to Block D, featured different games and activities led by the Asian Pacific American Club and AP Chinese classes.

Sophomore Anya Foley said celebrating the Lunar New Year in high school is a great way for students to diversify their cultural knowledge.

“The event teaches more about Asian culture and helps them become more aware,” Foley said.

According to junior Tina Cheng, this holiday recognition was special for students celebrating Lunar New Year.

“I think it’s really cool that we have a whole day dedicated to Lunar New Year,” Cheng said, “As someone who celebrates it, I really appreciate everything we do.”

Junior Krista Lee said the day offered significant representation.

“I feel like it gives Asians and other people around the world representation,” Lee said. “I feel like Christmas is so popular throughout the year, and Lunar New Year is something that happens in small communities and it’s exciting to see everyone so engaged in this. celebration.”


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