Wednesday, January 12 2022

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
With everything that happened in 2020, including an unprecedented pandemic, the world has been through a tumultuous time. People would tell me, “We feel so guilty about celebrating the New Year.”
I said, you know, you feel guilty when your celebration is about gratifying you. But if your intention is to uplift everyone around you, when you see your neighbors feeling down, anxious, and depressed and you want them to feel better and more peaceful, take them out of the dark space. , then such a celebration is a service.
Doing service brings out the best in ourselves. It helps to refine our good qualities, to be in touch with values ​​of compassion, caring and connection.
You can be of service your whole life when you come from a space of generosity and absence of expectations. Your attitude can turn any activity into a service. It doesn’t matter what the job is. As long as you do it with no expectations of joy or profit and with a sense of contribution, it is service.
When your celebration becomes your service, there is no guilt in it. And when your service becomes a celebration, there is no ego or pride. So let’s celebrate with this one intention: to make everyone understand that life and events in the world are impermanent.
What is permanent? Only the spirit of our consciousness is eternal. It doesn’t change; he has no death, no birth. Life on a higher plane is eternal. Let’s celebrate every moment by being grateful because time is a gift.
Use every moment of the years to come to make an impact on society, don’t wait for something to happen to you. You make things happen; contribute to the planet, change your lifestyle, make this world a better place for future generations, avoid violence, wipe away all those tears and put smiles on people.
Life is short. How much can you continue to take? Just know that whatever you need will fall on your knees, once you are there to give to the world. Spread love, light and knowledge for it is knowledge alone that can lift people out of misery in the long run.
In ancient times, people celebrated the New Year by giving a neem leaf with a little jiggery; something bitter and sweet. And then people were looking at the calendar. Because the knowledge of time and the acceptance of sweetness and bitterness, give the strength to move forward in life.
Neem is very good for the health even if it is bitter. It destroys harmful bacteria. In life, what you considered bitter gave you depth, made you strong. The challenges that have come to you have made you stronger and more humble. Jaggery represents gentleness. It gives you comfort. If life is only bitter, it cannot be sustained. If life is all sweetness, there is no depth. In the cycle of time, there is always something wonderful happening, and there are some less palatable events. In bad times, you need to have strength, courage and knowledge. When good things happen, you should share them with others and serve.
True celebration occurs when there is total acceptance of nature. So that’s what we should do on New Years Eve and New Years. We honor time, life and creation and thank the divine for what the last year has given so many lessons and New Years Eve is a time to reflect on those lessons.
Welcome with open hearts the New Year 2021 and the wisdom, health, happiness and prosperity it is about to bring. Wish wisdom in life more than anything else because when there is wisdom, happiness spontaneously follows.
(The writer heads the Art of Living Foundation.)
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