Friday, September 30 2022

New Delhi: A number of restrictions have been imposed as part of yellow alerts due to the increase in cases of corona infection in the nation’s capital. From pubs to hotels, there are restrictions. Only 50 percent capacity is allowed. In such a situation, the atmosphere of New Years celebration in Delhi fades. The New Year was also celebrated in the pubs and restaurants of Delhi according to the corona protocol. Previously, when there was no room to set foot in these places, reservations started 2 months in advance, when very few people visited these places this time around.

Pubs and restaurateurs have said that previously they had full bookings 2-3 months ago on New Years Day, but this time nothing like that happened. He said that every time live concerts, special DJ nights and specials are called here. We also used to hire an expensive and efficient event management company to prepare us for all of these things. But this time, there was no special event or event of any kind.

State that as per the order of the DDMA, all who arrived here for the celebrations were subjected to a thermal scan, their body temperatures were noted and all were disinfected and then allowed to enter.

Omicron wreaks havoc in India, more than 100 cases in these 5 states

Omicron wreaks havoc in India, more than 100 cases in these 5 states

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