Friday, August 5 2022

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Sour drops May 21 at midnight local time, but we’ve already got a taste of the courtesy of some eagle-eyed netizens who already have access to the album – and the musician referred to Taylor Swift on the one of his new songs.

Taylor Swift Popular News Fan Account @TSwiftNZ screenshots shared on Twitter of the alleged credit pages from Genius and Spotify for the track “1 step forward, 3 steps back”. The screenshots show that Taylor and her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff have songwriting credits. The reason? Vogue teens confirmed that Olivia uses a Taylor interpolation reputation closer to “New Years Day”.

We’re already imagining how the iconic, melancholy piano melody could be used on “1 step forward, 3 step back” – and yes, the subtle “13” reference in the song’s title did not go unnoticed by fans. . The movement is fun, considering Taylor’s influence on Olivia as a songwriter.

The news comes after Olivia and Taylor first met at the Brits last week, which sparked her own Easter egg speculation. Many fans thought Olivia’s red ensemble was a clue she would be on Red (Taylor version), which is certainly not excluded. Maybe this is another way to set the stage for a real duo?

Olivia has been a long-time fan of Taylor’s music, often citing it as one of his greatest musical inspirations, so it’s exciting to see these two come together in ever more tangible ways. (And Taylor was quick to compliment Olivia’s skills.) We’ll be counting the minutes until we can stream. Sour – and “1 step forward, 3 step back” – to our heart’s content. Until then, let’s get back to the “good 4 u”.

This article has been updated to reflect that “New Years Day” in Olivia’s song is a tween, not a sample.

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