Friday, September 30 2022

After seeing the story about the family’s fate in a daily newspaper on April 18, Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis contacted the chief executive of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to make arrangements. to help the family with emergency housing. .

Since then, HDC benefits and remediation teams have been working tirelessly to identify accommodation and make the necessary repairs to have the accommodation ready for occupancy by 4pm this afternoon so the family can move in.

As candidates on the housing database, the couple were assessed financially and qualified for a mortgage versus rental, which is also their desire. Now they will be happy to finally
have a home for their growing family. The pregnant mother of three, all under 12, and her husband are very happy and grateful to HDC for providing them with suitable accommodation following the fire in Quarry Street on New Year’s Day.

The fire left them without power. There is still work to be done on the unit, but after four months of living in dark and dangerous conditions, they are just happy to have lights on again.

Minister Robinson-Regis is glad HDC was able to help the family, as their current living conditions were unacceptable.

The Minister said: “It is a good thing that HDC was able to meet this family’s critical need for shelter.”

On January 1, four houses on Quarry Street were destroyed by fire. About 20 people were left homeless.


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