Friday, August 5 2022

PROVINCETOWN —A fireworks display scheduled for New Years Day – Saturday January 1 – has received tacit approval from the Board of Directors at sasept. 27 meeting.

The timing of the fireworks, off season, and the fact that it is an outdoor event were cited by board members to keep the plan moving forward, despite the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

The belief that visitors and residents know how to behave to protect themselves from the virus, such as wearing face masks or simply staying away from the event, was also a factor cited by board members.

In requesting a “pulse check” from the selection committee on the fireworks proposal, General Manager Alex Morse said he was working with the city’s Visitor Services Board, the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce and the Provincetown Business Guild, Police Chief James Golden and the City Department. of Public Works on the event.

The fireworks have been an effort in previous years to keep visitors in town over the weekend, Morse said. Having the fireworks on New Years Eve on a Friday night would defeat that goal, which is why a Saturday night is suggested, he said.

There is support in the business community for the fireworks, he said.

“I know the board was intentional not to issue a permit for July 4,” Morse said of the annual Independence Day fireworks that did not take place in 2020 or this year due to concerns about the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

Morse wanted guidance from the selection committee “before signing the contract,” he said of the fireworks plan.

The cost of the fireworks will be paid from the city’s visitor services board budget, and any additional costs such as police officers or portable toilets are paid for by the city, the business guild’s executive director said. , Bob Sanborn. The New Year’s fireworks are planned as a scaled-down version and will be fired from the town’s pier rather than from a barge, Sanborn said.

The city should make an effort to advise locals and visitors on how to safely enjoy the fireworks, said Leslie Sandberg, member of the board of Select.

There was no vote on the New Year’s proposal.

On August 19, during Carnival week, city officials gave explicit permission to hold a free public party at City Hall, which marked the restart of large public gatherings approved in the era of the COVID-19 virus. This event was notable because it followed an outbreak affecting more than 1,000 people in July, fueled by the delta variant, even among vaccinated individuals. The business guild was fined $ 300 for violating the face mask at the town hall event, which was not attended by more than 500 people at a time, according to Sanborn.

Last week, the city had three positive cases of COVID-19, Morse told the Select Board.

In 2020 and this year, the Select Board also did not allow the annual carnival parade that brings thousands of people to town in mid-August.


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