How Can I Get An Alert When I Get An Email?

Why do I not get notifications from Gmail?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .

In the top left, tap Menu .

Note: If you’re using Android O and above, tap Manage notifications.

Under your account, make sure the switch is set to On..

How do I turn on notifications for Gmail?

Turn notifications on or offOn your computer, open Gmail.In the top right, click Settings. See all settings.Scroll down to the “Desktop notifications” section.Select New mail notifications on, Important mail notifications on, or Mail notifications off.At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Why are my notifications not working?

Try these steps: Go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notifications. Select the app, and make sure that Notifications are turned on and set to Normal. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off.

How do I sync Gmail?

Check Gmail sync settingsOpen the Gmail app .On the left, tap Menu. Settings.Tap your account.Make sure the box next to “Sync Gmail” is checked.

How do I get sound for incoming email?

Change the new mail soundExit Outlook.Open Control Panel. … On the Sound dialog box, on the Sounds tab, under Program Events, under Windows, click New Mail Notification.Click Browse, and then select a different audio file. … Click OK.Restart Outlook.

How do I set different notification sounds for email and text?

To do this, long press the app icon, tap (i) on the pop-up, tap ‘Notifications’, tap on the text of the notification category you want to edit notification settings for, tap ‘Advanced’, and set the ‘Sound’ setting to the notification sound you want.

How do I get a notification when I get an email?

Turn notifications on or offOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .In the top left, tap Menu .Tap Settings.Select your account.Tap Notifications and select a notification level.Tap Inbox notifications. … Choose your notification settings, including sounds.

Can Gmail play a sound when mail arrives?

Go to Gmail app, choose Settings > General settings > Manage notifications, click on Mail, then Advanced and, finally, Sound. Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that’s most likely to answer the question.

Why is my iPhone not making a sound when I get an email?

First, tap Settings > Sounds and check that there are alert tones selected for both “New Mail” and “Sent Mail”. You’ll also want to ensure that you have an alert selected in Settings > Notifications > Mail > Sounds. … Then, send or have a test email sent to you so you can test for the notification sound.

Why is my phone not notifying me when I get an email?

Go back to Settings and choose General settings. Select Manage Notifications here and make sure that Mail is set to On. This will take care of in-app notification settings for the Gmail app. Wait for a few hours to see if you are receiving mail notifications.

How do I make Gmail make a sound when I get a new email?

From the Help:Open the Inbox app.Go to the main menu at the top left.Scroll down and choose Settings near the bottom.Select your email address.Make sure Notifications is checked.Click ‘inbox sound and vibrate’.Click on “Sound” and choose your preferred notification tone.

How do I get my iPhone to notify me of emails?

How to generate notifications by email accountOpen the Settings app.Navigate to Notifications | Mail.Select the email account you wish to enable notifications on.Ensure Allow Notifications is enabled, and then select an Alert type: Lock Screen, Notification Center, or Banners (Figure C).

Why I dont get notification from Gmail?

Go into the Gmail app settings, tap on your account. Under Notifications make sure it’s set to “All,” and under Inbox notifications make sure “Notify for every message” is checked. … Tap on each of your Google accounts and make sure that the toggle for Gmail is turned on.

How do I get my email to show up on my lock screen?

“Show on Lock Screen” Select Sound for a custom auditory alert (or choose none for a silent alert)…Make sure any mail from a VIP appears as an alert on your screen, a notification on your Lock screen and as a custom alert tone:Launch the Settings app.Select Mail.Tap on Notifications.Tap on VIP.

What is Notify me on iPhone email?

Notify me: alerts for important emails | iOS 11 Guide [iPad]Notify meAlerts for important emails. This feature will help ensure you’re notified if you receive an important email. When looking at an email, tap the Flag icon and select Notify Me. If a new email arrives in the thread then you’ll receive a notification.

Why do I only get emails when charging iPhone?

If you mean that you get notifications on the screen while it’s charging, that’s normal if you set up Notifications for emails on the lock screen. … If you do, the phone should not alert you of an email and it will only download the emails when you launch the mail app.