Quick Answer: What Does Lateral Mean?

What does lateral only mean?


of or relating to the side; situated at, proceeding from, or directed to a side: a lateral view.

pertaining to or entailing a position, office, etc., that is different but equivalent or roughly equivalent in status, as distinguished from a promotion or demotion: a lateral move..

What is difference between longitudinal and lateral?

Lateral – spanning the width of a body. … Longitudinal – spanning the length of a body. Orthogonal – at right angles to a line, or more generally, on a different axis. Parallel – in the same direction.

What does it mean if something is lateral?

When something is extending to the side or moving to the side, it’s lateral. “All of the lateral movement in tennis hurt her knees and she had to quit playing.” The adjective lateral comes from the Latin word lateralis, which means “belonging to the side” and the modern meaning is basically the same.

Are the lungs lateral to the heart?

The lungs lie lateral to the heart. Towards the mid line of the body. The heart lies medial to the lungs.

What does oblique mean?

adjective. neither perpendicular nor parallel to a given line or surface; slanting; sloping. (of a solid) not having the axis perpendicular to the plane of the base. diverging from a given straight line or course. not straight or direct, as a course.

Is the left lung lateral to the heart?

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer is A: The heart is medial to the lungs.

Is vertical and lateral the same?

is that vertical is along the direction of a plumbline or along a straight line that includes the center of the earth while lateral is to the side; of or pertaining to the side.

Is lateral up and down?

Standing, pointing, or moving straight up or down; along the direction of a plumb line; perpendicular to something horizontal.

What is the meaning of lateral direction?

Lateral means relating to the sides of something, or moving in a sideways direction. McKinnon estimated the lateral movement of the bridge to be between four and six inches. Synonyms: sideways, side, flanking, edgeways More Synonyms of lateral. laterally adverb [usually ADVERB after verb]

Is lateral the same as horizontal?

As adjectives the difference between horizontal and lateral is that horizontal is perpendicular to the vertical; parallel to the plane of the horizon; level, flat while lateral is to the side; of or pertaining to the side.

Is vertical left or right?

The terms vertical and horizontal often describe directions: a vertical line goes up and down, and a horizontal line goes across. You can remember which direction is vertical by the letter, “v,” which points down.

What is another word for lateral?

Similar words for lateral: parallel (adjective) side (adjective) act (noun) distal (noun)

What is the antonym of lateral?

Antonyms of LATERAL bottom, top, central, mesial, centered.

What is meant by lateral force?

The force that acts in the direction parallel to ground and perpendicular to the direction of gravitational pull of earth is known as lateral forces. In case of longitudinal forces, the direction of the force is perpendicular to the plane of reference. …

What is lateral to your heart?

Location of the Heart: If an organ is lateral to the heart, it would mean that the organ is on the side of the heart, further away from the median.

Is the heart lateral to the shoulders?

Medial means toward the midline (or middle) of the body. The heart is closer to the midline of the body in comparison to the shoulder.