Friday, August 5 2022

– Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti appeared to be celebrating the new year together, sharing photos on Twitter on New Year’s Eve. As previously reported, Guevara and Conti were the subject of rumors and speculation after Guevara announced he had split from his longtime girlfriend, Pam Nizio.

Initially, Tay Conti tweeted a photo of herself posing with Guevara and wrote: “Happy 2022 @sammyguevara [Heart emoji].” Guevara then tweeted a photo of the two sharing a New Years kiss, and the caption read, “2022 is going to be fun! #HAPPYNEWYEAR @TayConti_ [heart].”

Shortly after that, Conti appeared to tweet the suggestion that the photos and posts could have been a troll or an elaborate prank, in light of past rumors for the two, adding, “Still trolling.” You can see those messages and photos below.

Additionally, Jeremy Padawer, executive vice president of Jazwares Toys and AEW toymaker, commented on the tweets. He wrote: “And can I say being friends with Sammy and friends with Tay makes me so happy. I have been with my wife/best friend for almost 22 years. It all starts with respect, attraction and friendship.

However, it also appears that Padawer is unsure if Guevara and Conti were announcing their relationship or perhaps trying to take to Twitter with their tweets. He later added, “If it’s a job, it’s the best of 2021…and I’m still strongly in favor of it!!!!”

Earlier this month, after Guevara confirmed his split with his ex-fiancée, Tay Conti temporarily deactivated his Twitter account due to harassment and false social media rumours. Guevara then released a statement indicating that he and Nizio had in fact ended their relationship in October, but they did not announce it publicly until December. The two got engaged in September.

Additionally, Sammy Guevara said shortly after breaking the news of their split, “My relationship with Pam ending has nothing to do with ANYBODY else.” Do what you want.


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