Friday, August 5 2022

ST. LOUIS — An unusually warm New Year’s Eve was quickly followed by a cold New Year’s Day.

For the weekend, the St. Louis area can expect a possible mix of rain, sleet, snow and extremely cold temperatures to start the new year. Some areas may see freezing rain turn to light snow early.

But all that didn’t deter some people from heading to Forest Park on the first day of the New Year, either to walk the dog or go for a run like Don Smith.

“I run a lot, and New Year’s Day is a good day to run well. And despite the weather, even if it’s a bit cold and a bit rainy, it’s not really that bad,” said- he declared.

Smith is originally from Chicago but is visiting family in St. Louis.

“It’s supposed to snow today, we’re supposed to have five to six, seven, eight inches of snow and 20 degrees. Zero tomorrow and windy. So it will be a bit worse than here,” he said.

Speaking of snow, little snow will accumulate south of I-70 in Missouri and Illinois. But a mix of freezing drizzle, sleet and light snow could make the roads treacherous.

Weather conditions can affect travel north of St. Louis on I-70, I-35, and even I-55 through central Illinois.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis City Street Department is banking on the window between rain and snow to be wide enough to have time to deposit salt.

“We won’t be able to get out before and do some treatment before the storm because it’s raining so it’s going to wash it all away,” said Bob Decker, maintenance engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation St. Louis. District.

MoDOT urges drivers to be careful.

The wintry weather could mean that low temperatures will persist into Sunday, with temperatures appearing to be in the low 20s throughout the day, and cooling off in the evening.

Several counties are subject to a winter weather advisory until 6 a.m. Sunday.


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