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These Star Trek New Year’s viewing picks celebrate new beginnings.

Do you plan to get your fill of football on New Year’s Day? Do you think you might want to take at least a little break from the year blurred area marathon finished on SyFy? So be sure to schedule Star Trek New Year’s Eve episodes and movies for yourself on January 1st!

But which ones? We’ll assume you’ve already watched the Star Trek: Voyager episode “11:59” the day before. (The only Star Trek story that actually takes place on New Year’s Eve? How could you not!) But that’s just one of over 800 Star Trek episodes and movies currently available. How to choose which of the others is particularly suitable for New Year’s viewing?

Here are three Star Trek suggestions to watch on New Year’s Day. In their own way, each of these Trek tales focuses on the theme of new beginnings – and if there’s a holiday to think about, New Year’s Day is the one!

“Metamorphosis” (TOS, S2E9)

Of course, this episode’s assumption that the ideas of masculine and feminine are “universal constants” doesn’t follow current thinking. And the Zefram Cochrane we meet here, played by Glen Corbett, is difficult (but not impossible) to reconcile with the one we meet in Star Trek: First Contactplayed by James Cromwell.

But “Metamorphosis” remains one of Star Trek’s greatest love stories. The Companion’s devotion to Cochrane is moving. We should all be lucky enough to have someone who looks at us the way the Companion looks at Cochrane through the glowing eyes and wispy, multicolored scarf of dying Commissioner Nancy Hedford (Elinor Donahue), whose life she revives and transforms. assuming his flesh. . And the love that Cochrane clearly begins to feel for her back at the end of the episode is genuine.

“Metamorphosis” is the story of a quiet new beginning: a man and a woman who start a new life, far from the noisy galaxy, in which they will grow old together under the fig trees they plant. To paraphrase Cochrane, he and the mate will have many good years together.

“First Contact” (TNG, S4E15)

Before Star Trek: The Next Generation gave us the aforementioned First Contact movie, it gave us “First Contact,” a generally strong fourth season climax.

The story features the Federation’s encounter with a not-so-strange new world from an alien perspective. It’s a refreshing deviation from the normal Trek model. It’s filled with plenty of satire on contemporary American culture as well as great character moments, both for our regular characters and for the people of Malcor III.

While this episode doesn’t quite end with Malcor III taking his place in interstellar civilization, it’s still a great story of new beginnings. As Chancellor Durken (George Coe) knows, his people will ultimately have to put aside “that vanity that [they] are the center of the universe” before “crossing the threshold of space”. And Mirasta Yale (Carolyn Seymour) gets her fresh start sooner, as she’s been space-ready since she was a wondering nine-year-old in a planetarium.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

What better way to end a Star Trek New Year’s marathon in 2022 than with the Trek movie celebrating its 40th anniversary, especially when it’s a movie with a fresh start at its heart?

Naturally, when many fans first think of Khan’s Wrath, they will think about the death of Captain Spock. By itself, this scene may not seem very festive for the New Year. But as Admiral Kirk says in his eulogy for Spock, “This death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world – a world our beloved comrade gave to protect and nurture.”

Although the planet Genesis is self-destructing in star trek 3 thanks to David’s questionable use of protomatter (and, in my view, the writers’ questionable narrative choices), in star trek 2 it is a new beginning made manifest on a grand scale. It is, to quote Kirk’s last diary entry, “life after death”, and it makes him – he, who has felt weary watching his own mortality throughout the film – feel like new. “young”.

May this new year also bring us all renewed spirit and hope!

Which Star Trek are you going to watch this New Year’s Day, and why? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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