Friday, September 30 2022

Syracuse, NY – A family in Syracuse is asking for help in locating their son, who has not been seen since New Years Day.

Guide Ngoga, 26, left her parents’ home in Syracuse to return to Richmond, Va., To work, said Desire Ndagijimana, a family translator and community activist.

Syracuse police are investigating Ngoga’s disappearance. “The person is still missing and the case is active,” said Lt. Matthew Malinowski, spokesperson for the department.

Ngoga was in Syracuse to spend the holidays with his family, Ndagijimana said. The family is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and relocated to Syracuse two months ago.

Ngoga, who relocated to Virginia about a year ago, moved to Richmond to work, Ndagijimana said. He called his parents when he was in Pennsylvania and they haven’t heard from him since.

The family called Ngoga’s employer and was told he never showed up for work, Ndagijimana said.

Guide Ngoga, 26, of Richmond, Virginia, was reported missing after leaving his parents’ home on Oak Street in Syracuse. He was last seen on January 1, 2022 and as of January 10, he is still missing (Photo courtesy of Desire Ndagijimana and the Ngoga family)

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