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Doctor Who has entered his final year with Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, and in a series of specials, we’ll see the final moments of the 13th Doctor’s life before his regeneration, and they’ve kicked off in amazing fashion! In the New Year’s Eve special, the Doctor, Dan (John Bishop) and Yaz (Mandip Gill) are all stuck in a time loop with the Daleks in their own version of groundhog day.

The Daleks were a horrible enemy of the Doctor for much of the show’s New-Who era. They bring fear with them whenever the Doctor has to face them, and Vigil of the Daleks is no different. They use a time loop, created by the TARDIS, against the Doctor and forcing the Doctor, Yaz, Dan, Sarah, and Nick to all think ahead of them despite the Daleks anticipating their every move.

Vigil of the Daleks also featured guest stars Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon, and the episode was a beautiful look at the terror the Daleks can inflict while bringing us some of the greatest moments for Whittaker’s Doctor yet. But beyond a fun looping battle with the Daleks, the episode ultimately gave Yaz something to work with and brought fans what they’ve been waiting for throughout Whittaker’s run.

There was one “glaring” problem with Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS, and that was that it simply lacked the doctor/companion flirtation and/or romance that has been featured in most other modern regenerations. Both Nine and Ten had Rose to lead with Ten also having Martha Jones, who loved him despite the Doctor’s inability to return his feelings. Eleven had Amy, River, and Clara respectively, leading to Twelve’s own relationship with Clara before her dynamic with Bill was the equivalent of a father and daughter exploring time and space.

So by the time we got to Jodie Whittaker, fans were ready for the Doctor herself to be in love with River or some other woman, and we apparently weren’t given anything, that is. say until Yaz continues to travel with the Doctor and her feelings become a little more obvious. And now in Vigil of the DaleksYaz is eventually called by Dan when he thinks they won’t survive, and he plays matchmaker and also brings up Yaz’s feelings to the Doctor.

Now, do I think the Doctor will reciprocate those feelings? That remains to be seen because, at the moment, the Doctor doesn’t seem to share much emotion in this regard with anyone, but also, it could easily be her defense mechanism, considering everything she has. lost during its past regenerations.

For Yaz, I don’t want her to suffer. This longing and hope that someone will return your feelings and that you will get the love you long for? It can cause you to do weird things, like travel through time and space with a still-living Time Lord who may or may not be aware of your feelings.

Vigil of the Daleks was a great start to Whittaker’s final moments as a doctor, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Thirteen, as well as Doctor Who in general.

(photo: BBC)

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