Friday, September 30 2022

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) – Businesses on Tybee Island have spent the day getting ready for the New Year’s crowds and they say it’s busier now than last year.

“I want everyone to be safe, I want everyone to be happy. I’m just looking forward to a good celebration,” said Jerome Delsoldato, Manager of Rock House Restaurant.

The restaurants and bars of Tybee Island have been busy preparing for the crowds of people expected in the New Year at the beach.

“With staff. We brought a lot of food and drink, ”said Fannie’s on the Beach general manager Patrick Norton.

“We are preparing our food. More supplied with alcohol, more supplied with beer, ”said Delsoldato.

Norton said they were ready to count back to 2022 with their annual beach ball drop.

“We started releasing the ball a few years ago on a whim and then of course last year we did it bigger and better to keep some normalcy for the new year. Now it’s just a tradition here at Fannie’s, ”Norton said.

Due to warm weather and the return of New Year’s fireworks from the same time last year, companies say overall 2021 has served them well, even in the midst of the pandemic, and that ‘they are impatiently awaiting what 2022 has in store for them.

“Just another fun year. The weather was nice this year, hoping it will be the same next year. Great crowds, great people, ”Norton said.

“Thanks to the personnel issues and doing everything we can to weather the times, we had a pretty good summer, I would say. I can’t wait for everyone to be here this summer, ”said Delsoldato.

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