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A video of a spectacular sound and light show, apparently from the moment the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2021, is going viral on social media platforms with captions stating that it is from Shanghai and others claiming she is from Beijing, China. The video shows a tall tower on a mound near a body of water, illuminated by a bright display of colored lights and graphics also accompanied by a countdown on New Year’s Eve.

Fact Crescendo received a request on his Factline WhatsApp number 904 905 3770 24×7 to verify the claim that he is from Shanghai. Archived link

We have also come across several posts on social media platforms with the above claims. Here is one such message:

Facebook link

We found that the video is indeed of New Year’s Eve celebrations, but the claim is partly false as the tower is actually located in Qingdao China, not Beijing or Shanghai. Here’s how:

Fact-checking methodology

At first, we performed a reverse frame search after splitting the video into keyframes using the Invid-We Verify tool. We have seen that the video has been uploaded several times by various users on YouTube over the past few days with captions indicating that it is from beijing.

From the language spoken in the viral video and from the posts, it seems that the video is indeed from China, but we observed that the tower in the video is unlike any of the towers in Beijing or Shanghai.

Following this, we used a combination of key images and relevant keywords and located a video report from CCTV Video News Agency on their official YouTube channel, uploaded on January 2, 2022 with the caption “Qingdao Stages Light, Fireworks Show to Welcome New Year.” This video has the same visuals as the viral video.

We checked the footage from the TV tower in Qingdao and saw the resemblance. The TV tower is located on a hill just like in the video and the area around it looks like this photo on the Getty Images site:

Screenshot, Getty Images

Getty Images link

We also looked for a photograph of the clicked tower after dark to confirm:

Screenshot, Pinterest

Pinterest link


From the evidence above, it is clear that the New Year celebration video is from Qingdao China and not Beijing or Shanghai. The assertion is partly false.


Title:Video of spectacular New Year celebration comes from Qingdao, not Shanghai or Beijing

Fact Checking by: Fact Crescendo Team

Results: partially wrong


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