Friday, August 5 2022

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – The Alexandria Police Department asks residents to celebrate the New Year safely.

Many New Year celebrations include the lighting of fireworks. The APD reiterated that there is an ordinance prohibiting the lighting of fireworks in the city of Alexandria, and anyone caught lighting fireworks could be heavily fined.

“We have this order for public safety,” said Lt. Lane Windham of the Alexandria Police Department. “Fireworks went up and down somewhere where it was dry and started a fire.”

Injuries and property damage can also be caused by misuse of fireworks, pets and residents can also be disturbed.

Residents who wish to report the use of fireworks are asked to contact the APD directly by calling 318-499-5099, instead of blocking the 911 lines.

“911 is strictly for emergencies only,” Lt Windham said. “If you dial 911 for fireworks, you will have hundreds of calls coming into the 911 center and it will overflow their phone banks. So, in other words, if I have a real emergency, or if I urgently need a policeman or a deputy at my house, I won’t be able to reach someone because of everyone who calls for fireworks.

The APD also reminds the public that it is illegal to shoot guns in the air at a celebration and anyone caught doing so is likely to be arrested.

“We ask everyone not to fire your gun in the air, it’s been a tradition for years, but it’s a tradition you really shouldn’t be doing,” Lt Windham said. “So far we’ve been lucky that no one has been seriously hit by bullets, some people have been hit, but so far no one has been killed, and we hope that doesn’t hurt. will never happen.”

The APD will patrol on New Year’s Eve and warn that driving under the influence is extremely dangerous and puts the lives of everyone on the road at risk. Anyone caught driving under the influence will be arrested.

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