Thursday, June 30 2022

If you’re a Dunkin’ fan, then you already know that their mantra or slogan is “America is running on Dunkin'”. (Just because we’re not running anywhere doesn’t mean others aren’t.) And when it comes to starting a new year off right, that means figuring out if we’ll be able to get our favorite drink (coffee) and our favorite treat (donuts).

So our big question, especially as we gear up for a new year, is whether Dunkin’ is actually open on New Years Day 2022. Because if we’re meant to run on them, then we must be able to get them!

And it turns out that we are lucky!

Will Dunkin’ be open on New Years Day 2022?

According to the folks at Mashed, Dunkin’ should be open on New Years Day/January 1st for all our sipping and snacking needs.

That being said, just because they’re open doesn’t mean they won’t be operating during holiday hours or just during reduced hours in general. And since many places have had staffing issues, we would definitely call ahead or even check their app before we go to make sure they’re open when you want them.

So while we’re really excited to get our hands on a classic Boston Creme Donut, a French Vanilla Iced Coffee, or a box of Munchkins, we’re definitely planning to check their hours before rushing in for our caffeine and treats. . to fix.

So are you a dunkin’ person? What is your usual order from them? Are you going to go on New Year’s Day to get your donut and your caffeine fix? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the rest of our holiday coverage for even more places open or closed as the New Year approaches.


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