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With 2022 just around the corner, you certainly have a list of New Years Resolutions in mind, ready to be written. And while we hope you can stick with all of them, the truth is that once most people are done with all New Years celebrations, the list of resolutions is long forgotten. But you cannot risk this with your health and fitness! That’s why help is at hand.

Oh, just in case you’re not sure where to start with your resolutions, how about the ones listed here.

List of New Years Fitness Resolutions Infographic

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Phew, that sounds like a long list! Don’t let that worry you, even in the slightest bit, though. Read on for easy fitness tips and ways to make sure you put your resolutions into action.

Tips for setting goals after the New Year’s Eve celebration

Tips for setting goals after the New Year's Eve celebration

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The problem with resolutions is that they’re hard to stick to. So keep it simple! Here’s how.

Do not take out your notepad and pen at the end of your New year party. You don’t want to be in a rush, so devote enough time and thought to what you want to achieve, why you want it, and how you plan to go about it.

Upcoming New Years Plan

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Don’t resolve to do something you know you just can’t do. If your schedule doesn’t have room for an hour of exercise every morning, then don’t put in “Exercise for an hour every morning.” on your to-do list. Start slowly and steadily; although you can do 15 minutes of exercise a day or 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, it is fine.. It’s a start, and it’s better than ending up doing nothing at all until the next New Years celebration, while being sad that you can’t keep your resolve.

Small steps of the new year

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What is that? Do you want to give up your favorite foods for good? Are you sure you can? Why not start by limiting your indulgences; instead of resorting to never eating cake and gorging yourself on it a week later, followed by a feeling of guilt, be realistic and treat yourself to a treat once a week. Gradually withdraw and you are sure to be successful.

Give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts every now and then, and celebrate when you reach your step goals and hold on to your New Years resolution.. This will help you keep track of your course and progress, and also keep you going for the jackpot.

New year Celebrate victories

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What if, despite your best intentions, you end up not keeping your fitness resolutions post-New Year party? Are you going to give up completely? Consider such scenarios and prepare a backup plan. Pick up where you left off, don’t worry about what you missed out on, focus on what you can still.

Point: Keep it simple and realistic, and you’ll be fine!

Easy Fitness Tips After New Years Celebration

Easy Fitness Tips After New Years Celebration

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Keep it fun and interesting, and it won’t look like work. How are you doing that? These pointers will help you!

  • Make exercise part of your routine

Instead of taking the time to exercise, why not burn calories as you go about your day! Start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or when visiting friends. And you don’t have to go up to the 10th floor; go up as many floors as possible and use the elevator for the rest. Consider having a standing desk in your home office or workplace, walking around when making audio calls, etc.

Make New Years Exercise Into Your Routine

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Yes, housework helps burn more calories than you can imagine. Check out this infographic.

Take on household chores

Have someone to talk to about your fitness trip aid. Engage your friends to keep pushing you towards your goals. Better yet, encourage them to start fitness with you.

Exercise with friends

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Point: It’s all in the head ; change your attitude and mindset, and see the difference for yourself.

FAQ: New Year Celebration

Q. What are the resolutions for mental and emotional health after the New Year celebration?

A. Try to integrate them into your daily life:

  • Don’t worry, deal with the stress
  • Meditate
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Love yourself, criticize yourself less
  • Take care of your mind and body
  • Spend time on personal care and activities that make you happy

Resolutions for mental and emotional health after the New Year

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Q. What is the dietary advice for the New Year celebration?

A. Just because you’re in celebration mode doesn’t mean your diet and fitness program have to be in failure. Plan ahead; cut calories and finish your workouts to make up for the calories you will eat later. On top of that, stay hydrated because sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger.

Whenever you plan to eat out, be sure of the following:

  • Eat a healthy snack ahead of time so you eat less unhealthy things. It will also prevent you from reaching the hungry place and binge eating.
  • Practice portion control – eat all of your favorite foods, but make sure you don’t overdo them.
  • Try to make healthier choices when you go out – stock up on salads and soups, skip the bread basket, go for a bowl of fruit for dessert, etc.
Diet tips for the New Year celebration

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Q. How can I stay motivated to follow a fitness routine after the New Year’s Eve celebration?

A. Once the whole party is behind you, it’s time to get into the rhythm and engage in the fitness. Stay motivated with these tips:

  • Focus on getting started – often the hardest part is waking up in the morning or going to the gym. Make this part easy and the rest will follow.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you only manage to work out for 30 minutes instead of 60, that’s okay. It’s better than having done nothing at all. Don’t get obsessed with all or nothing.
  • Learn to be patient and focus on smaller goals, and you’ll eventually see the big picture.
  • Choose positive words to describe your workout and how you feel about it. This will help you stay optimistic and keep moving forward towards your goals.
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